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Amplify is a decentralized web3 application that aims to transform the global economy by introducing a decentralized system of trade financing that sustainably and consistently generates high yield returns for our token holders and our liquidity providers. See how our platform can benefit you.

As our development team moves into…

Amplify Media — Top Defi & Blockchain News

July 20, 2021

Another edition of our weekly report — bringing you the top stories in the DeFi game! The decentralized ecosystem hasn’t been this sideways in some time! DeFi’s total value locked (TVL) is currently $55.24B, just barely down from the $55.73 TVL we saw at this point last week.

And it…

$100 Crypto Rewards for top questions.

Meet the CEO of Amplify and learn about their plans to decentralize supply-chain financing through high yield liquidity pools; and an ambitious reward system with negligible risk.

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Eugene — CEO @Amplify.
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July 16th
11am UTC | 7pm HKT | 7am EST


$100 in Prizes for Top Questions.

Questions will be submitted live and winners will be chosen on site. For those whom may want to get an early jump by submitting questions early, you are welcome to forward these directly to our Discord and/or Telegram.

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How is DeFi devouring traditional finance?

It’s true that DeFi is transforming the financial sector. As a result, traditional financial firms such as major banks and hedge funds have been scrambling to achieve greater exposure within the space. With some central banks even beginning to warm up to the idea of CDBCs and stablecoins. It seems evident that the ideals and principles of the blockchain community are gaining more acceptance amongst traditional firms, possibly as an inevitability of their continued existence. has published a huge article about how DeFi disrupts the market, and we are excited to share it with you:

Also, check out to explore our high yield/low risk liquidity mining pools and staking opportunities.

Amplify, the sustainable defi platform.

Amplify Team

Defi Digest, July 12th 2021

July 12th, 2021

We continue our weekly tradition of publishing main stories in the DeFi market! DeFi is showing a bit of renewed strength lately, with the total value locked (TVL) in the ecosystem having risen from $52.94B to $55.73B since last week. …

Advancing Bitcoin and Ethereum on the Global Economic Stage

You know that we often share interesting articles and posts with you. Today is exactly that day! We would like you to read a Bloomberg article about the advancement of digital assets in the world!

The reporters looked at the most popular assets: BTC and ETH. Bitcoin has crossed the Rubicon of legitimization and is likely in the early days of joining the 60/40 portfolio mix. №2 by market cap — Ethereum — has won the adoption battle as the go-to platform for crypto tokens, decentralized finance (DeFi) and exchanges (DEXs). The mantra appears to be: “Adopt and embrace the advancing technology, or become the next Kodak, Sears or Blockbuster.”

Read the article here:

Amplify Team


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