A Robust B2B Partnership with Payrue is the Base for the Multifold Growth of Amplify!

We are excited to announce our strategic partnership with PayRue to create value and wealth for cryptocurrency users around the globe. We have signed a partnership agreement where PayRue will take a stake in the total AMPT supply, the native token of Amplify Protocol. This will be based on achieving certain growth metrics and integrations.

PayRue is a pioneer in digital asset platforms serving the needs of investors and lenders in the cryptocurrency world. It has robust and secured systems that drive the passion of the stakeholders. Its secured technology aids users to ensure a smooth exchange of cryptocurrencies over the digital platform. With several cryptocurrencies already registered on PayRue, $APMT is all set to make its mark on the global platform.

Both businesses offer user-friendly operating systems and intuitively designed user interfaces, as well as mobile trading apps.

This partnership between Amplify and PayRue shall open the doors to success not only for the crypto partners but also for the users. The user experience and trust will be enhanced with user-friendly dashboards, ad-hoc crypto reports, timely information about rate fluctuations, etc.

● PayRue will integrate Amplify protocol into its digital asset platform for wallet, swap, and staking.

● LP Token to be released to reward AMPT holders for adding liquidity in DEX pools.

● DAO to manage, propose and vote on Amplify Protocol by AMPT holders will expand their community representatives and marketing incentives.

Partnerships and business development will focus on gaining new customers and adding new pools and assets.

Secured Transactions over the digital platform

PayRue has top-notch technologies on which the digital platform is being run. The in-house technical team of PayRue ensures that there is no downtime and that the platform is secured and running smoothly to help the investors to execute transactions at any point in time. There is end-to-end encryption that occurs on the backend to ensure that no transaction violates the system logic. Every transaction needs to go through a set process to ensure that no transaction is left as an exception. This set process makes the platform reliable for the users to exchange cryptocurrency in a transparent and risk-free manner.

Strategic Partnership between Amplify and PayRue

The partnership between Amplify and PayRue is all set to raise the level of cryptocurrency transactions globally. PayRue has an interactive digital platform that helps users to invest, deal, lend, and trade in cryptocurrency transactions. This interactive platform shall be a one-stop solution for transacting cryptocurrencies in a robust blockchain system. The trust of our stakeholders is destined to increase with this collaboration. The users of Amplify shall experience an altogether new journey of creating wealth with our partnership being in force.



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